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Electronics repair Clearwater, Fl.

Good day and thanks for checking out our electronics website. As a leader in Electronics repair for almost 80 years. 47 years personally. This page is for information about our services and also those who just want to hear good old fashioned real music the way it was intended to and not processed and digitized. Here we believe that Analog audio is the best realism. NEW stereo's have no bass which makes you buy a subwoofer if you want to hear any ground shaking bass. When you go to a show or concert the music just fills the room. Stereo is quite adequate when you have a Pioneer, Kenwood or Sansui hooked up to a good set of speakers and your room will be filled with sound that moves the floors. Most of the older amps that we restore sound better then original due to some part improvements and modifications needed for their use. Pioneer SX 850/ SX 950 example.

Some are quicker then others, with Vintage there is always a chance that something is not available immediately and may have to come from Europe or Japan and in some cases have to install a circuit modification to make some newer up grades work correctly. I strive to bring out the best sound that it is capable of reproducing. My restorations are not just replacing all Electrolytic capacitors. That's how others do it and that may be ok but it wont last but a year on most, as when you replace just the caps only it stresses already weak or noisy transistors, I replace them also with higher rated parts and I use special film capacitors where they should be. If it takes a month or two, then that is not at all unusual as you must be gentle as some wires may be cracked and need replacing, sorry but we do not work on stereos that have been exposed to liquid, like a soda, unless brought in when 1st happens. The acidity will damage board and cause irreversible damage to circuit traces. Its always best to check with me, text pix on the phone or to our email : GetitFixed@irionstvshop.com

Stereo - Electronics - Lamps - etc.

Gadgets & Gizmos 727-446-7955 By appt. only
Clearwater Fl. 33756

We fix most reliable electronics, Stereo's, Amps, Turntable's, older Sub woofers and some appliance circuit boards, Touch Lamps, Table Lamps, Air purifiers, Power Supplies, Some Auto Circuit Boards, Vintage Stereo. We also do Guitar amplifiers. And of course Gadgets and Gizmos! Check out our Restoration page on Google. No misleading free gimmicks. And customers want the truth. not a run around. What ever needs work, We repair most of your Electronic needs. We have all the experience needed for a quality repair. We have a fantastic supply of parts, for your older sets too. Do you need something soldered ? Not to worry chances are we will do it. Just about anything vintage is repairable within limits. As long as it was a quality unit, then we'll repair it. Family owned and operated means lower prices and unsurpassed quality control and workmanship.

When I check a amp I jump right in to repair I start at the power supply and work my way through it so you have a good sounding amp. This includes changing 100 + parts in some to bring back that punch that you fell in love with. The best performance of a good amp is all in the selection of capacitors, we only use the best, cost more but well worth it as most shops use 1000hr or 2000hr rated caps I buy the best with many times the rating and improved sonic capabilities, You will notice when it sounds like new or even better due to the quality of capacitors that I use. This is how we do things. Then comes more testing with a Oscilloscope where I can see the waveform and look for clipping and noise, It is a great advantage to have good equipment we see what you hear, after repair or restoration there will be a rough burn in to make sure your unit will hold up, Believe me your ears can tell the difference, some people have a keen sense of sound and can pick out what is missing or misadjusted You can call or text at your convenience, please allow time to reply to texts. If your amp was restored make sure it says restored by Irions for unsurpassed quality restorations that last.

Some of what we repair

  • Quality receivers
  • Some automotive
  • Speaker's - crossovers
  • Tube amplifiers
  • Vintage electronics
  • Lamps, sockets /rewire

A very large assortment of parts

  1. Semiconductors, Transistors, Diodes, LED's
  2. Resistors, both carbon and Metal film
  3. Replacement parts for do it yourselfers
  4. For correct repair Equipment is a must
  5. Oscilloscopes, Meters, Soldering stations, Signal generators

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