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Analog stereo, with a nice heavy Transformer we believe is the best. Units up to 1979, Why several practical reasons, first would be the fact that they can be restored with improved parts and will sound just like it was when purchased if not better and will last another 40 years with minimal service between. 2 The incredible range and the ability to tailor your sound to your liking quickly with a turn of some knobs, such as Bass Midrange and Treble. When they are hooked up to a good set of speakers your room becomes a concert hall, and at the levels of one to boot. No need for a subwoofer. The Amps out there now say 1000 watts and weigh 10 pounds ridicules and not even close to the truth. It takes power to make power. When you put them side by side you will kick yourself in the ass for believing it.

The reasons that the Pioneer's and Sansui's Kenwood's are the best for restorations is the way they were built, Solid as a rock and designed to be repaired not trashed. Made with quality parts from Japan and Malaysia, Europe. Roughly about 1979 they started mixing digital and analog through the early 80s about that time China could see people wanted these stereos so they got into the game, made parts for other companies and I could see it all, quality fading away the units were getting lighter and they were failing. The 90s consumers were power hungry and Fisher came into play due to its high output, but they had China parts so you rarely see one that works anymore. Now almost every bit of electronics has China all through it and that's why they fail.

Now its there right in front on you if its vintage you can own it for the rest of your life ! really, you could never do it with the units from the mid 80s and newer. They are not made to last as it is with TVs also. The consensus is, if they last then they cant sell as many. Unfortunately I see a business is supposed make money but do it right and charge a little more so when you put it on its stand it can stay there playing as you get older. Every time I go see a friend they have a different tv. With Vintage that piece will still sit in the same place for many many years and if it breaks it can be repaired to last.

Now for the repair or restoration I look for the best capacitors and semiconductors you can get. No China in vintage. Transistors only Fairchild or Motorola we never ever use a NTE part ( cheapest china junk) in a vintage stereo that's the equivalent of 3 new tires and 1 donut tire, If you use even more its like having 3 donut tires and 1 good LOL. Obvious you can tell we are all about the quality

If your handy you can save more by getting boards done separately to avoid the high cost of a complete restoration. Its like paying for a whole restore a little at a time and because the quality is so high taking a year to do it is no problem and you will learn at the same time. We explain to customers how to maintain those nice Stereo's. Like cleaning the controls and switches.

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What to look for in a Vintage Stereo repair shop.

  • Communication
  • Free advise
  • Manuals for service
  • Inventory of parts
  • Superb references
  • Fair rates

And here's just some of what we offer.

  1. Unsurpassed customer relation's
  2. Service for your convenience
  3. Expert electronics knowledge
  4. Extremely large stock of parts - Equipment
  5. We repair all Quality made units