As one of the first TV and Electronic Repair Shops in Clearwater Florida. Electronic repairs are our specialty. Multiple Certificates, have Decades of Electronics repair experience. Talk to a real Technician, that can give you free advise.  And may help you fix it yourself, We have saved 1000s for our customers, just from tech support that we offer. but if you are not comfortable then leave to us.  Well known for the diversity to work on even the strangest of projects. Trust us and Give a call, for more information. We can repair most electronic units but keep in mind that some of what you may have is cheaply manufactured in China and are engineered to fail after so many cycles or hours depending what it actually is. But that does not stop us from at least trying to repair it for you. But TVs are made very cheap and we have a long standing commitment to have our repairs last years. With TVs its just terrible going to a customers house and telling them it is cheaper to replace a 55 inch or smaller. But we will continue with the electronics that can stand the test of time.

By appointment only. 727 446 7955

Office 526 S. Lake Dr.
Clearwater Fl. 33756

Here at Irions we do not believe that repairing your TV should break the bank, That's why we are rolling out a new plan that is sure to be a hit. the Virtual Service call and with the nature of most repairs we may be able help you repair your own TV, with most of them its that simple, and you save money and get that feeling of, Wow I repaired it myself. All you need is the ability to use a multi meter and little electronic knowledge. Call for details We can help ! The biggest question that is asked every time, why did my TV break its only 2 years old, my last one lasted over 10 years without a problem. Well unfortunately this will now be the new norm for now anyways. At times it seems like they are made to fail. We are giving our customers some facts. And any info you get  on our site is truthful and as accurate as possible.

Believe it or not the technology now exists for a 25 year TV but honestly do you think they would do it ? Heck no, that would hurt the bottom line. RCA ZENITH MAGNAVOX PHILCO SONY they were great Companies that had good solid products, I still have a 30 year old Emerson that still works. But the point being is everything breaks sooner then later. Its good to know that when your TV or electronics have a problem we will be here to repair it, give you honest advice of what options you have and what we recommend. If a unit is better off being replaced we will tell you and would never repair a set that has a probability of failing again or shortly after the repair. You can call or text at your convenience, please allow time to reply to texts.

TV repair Clearwater

We fix , Turntables, Microwaves, Table Lamps, Air purifiers, Power Supplies Some Auto, Circuit Boards, Vintage Stereo etc. We also do Guitar Amplifiers, etc. And of course Gadgets and Gizmos! Check out our Restoration page on Google. No misleading free gimmicks. And Customers want the truth. not a run around. What ever needs work, We repair most of all your Electronic needs. We have all the experience needed for a quality repair. We have a fantastic supply of parts, for your older sets too. Do you need something soldered ? Not to worry chances are we will do it. Just about anything is repairable within limits. As long as it will last then we'll repair it. Family owned and operated means lower prices and unsurpassed quality control and workmanship. Due to safety reasons all Tvs service calls are referred to Larry, he is not part of Irions at all but he is willing to temporarily do service calls for TVs only. We ask that you ask questions before any repair. We have no control over prices.

TV repair Service Larry @ 727-773 -6125 S/C are $39.50 Free estimates on carry ins.

Electronics repairs, tv repairs, parts for clearwater ,fl.

What to look for in a Electronic repair service

  • Communication
  • Service
  • Technical knowledge
  • Inventory of parts
  • Superb references
  • Fair rates

And here's just some of what we offer

  1. Unparalleled customer relation's
  2. Service for your convenience
  3. Expert electronics knowledge
  4. Extremely large stock of parts - Equipment
  5. We repair all types of Gadgets & Gizmos

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