Maintaining Quality and low prices, for over 75 years. Call us for TV or Electronic repairs. We have great customer service, and will make sure you are completely satisfied. We Fix a lot more then just TVs, and also have a very good supply of parts, Vintage and new. We save you money all the way around. And with the nature of some repairs we may help you fix your own TV with most its that simple and save money and get that feeling of, Wow I fixed it myself. All you need is know how to use a multi meter and little electronic knowledge. Call for details. We can help!

By appointment only. 727 446 7955

Office 526 S. Lake Dr.

Clearwater Fl. 33756

One of the first TV and Electronic Repair Shops in Clearwater Florida. TV and Electronic repair work is our specialty. We are registered with the state of Florida, Multiple Certificates, have Decades of Electronics experience. Talk to a real Technician, That can give you free advise. Well known for diversity to work on even the strangest projects !Trust us and Give us a call, for more info! We can fix most Electronic units. We fix TVs, Turntables, Microwaves ,Table Lamps, Air purifiers ,Power Supplies Some Auto, Circuit Boards, Vintage Pioneer Stereo etc. We also do Guitar Amplifiers, etc And of course Gadgets and Gizmos! Check out our Restoration page on Google.

No misleading free gimmicks. What ever needs work, We fix most of all your Electronic needs. We have all the experience needed for a quality repair. and have a fantastic supply of parts for your older sets to. Do you need something soldered ? we will do it. Just about anything is fixable within limits. Family owned and operated means lower prices

Electronics parts

What to look for in a Repair service

  • Communication
  • Service
  • Technical knowledge
  • Inventory of parts
  • Superb references
  • Fair rates

And here's is just some of what we offer

  1. Unparalleled customer relation's
  2. Service for your convenience
  3. Expert electronics knowledge
  4. Extremely large stock of parts - Equipment
  5. We fix all types of Gadgets & Gizmos