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Macintosh     Older receivers once they are completely serviced sound so much better on the ears for most audiophiles. As they are Generally ground shaking Bass and clear Highs, Analog is the way to go. Great for Man cave or she shed. These are High Quality and can last Decades with minor service, good care and try to keep it original ! The dollar amount on unit above can fetch over $2000. Like I generally say older is better. And yes we fix them. We generally work the oldies.

What are the signs that it should go to shop

Controls get scratchy - Volume cuts in and out - lights start going out - some thing just doesn't sound quite right - Distortion - one side louder then the other, these are signs of needing service. Same with Power Amps, if left unattended may lead to Major problems. So call us !

We use carefully selected capacitors of highest quality and long life, all resisters are checked drifting or hot spots, Tubes and Transistors all units tested to limits for sound quality control

Fender amp


And you want to hear your old Albums Huh ?

Well we can take care of that, We fix: Belt Drive - Direct Drive some pre 80s older units. We can get you parts or give you some advise. Albums are coming back and the turntables they sell now leave a lot to be desired. Good sound comes from Vinyl and it all starts with the turntable.  


JVC Vintage

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