One of the first TV & Electronic Repair Shops in Clearwater Florida. LCD - DLP - New UHDTV - OLEDs - 3 D - SMART and PLASMA'S. TV & ELECTRONICS REPAIR work is our specialty ! We are Fully licensed and registered with the state of Florida, Multiple Certificates, have years and years of Quality ELECTRONICS REPAIRS experience. Experts for over 70 years. Talk to a real Technician, That can give you free advise.

   Even the new Smart O LED- UHDTV & 3 D TVs We will help you with the new latest Digital TV Transition. Well known for diversity to work on even the strangest projects !Trust us and Give us a call, for more info! We can fix most electronic units. We also do small Home Appliances. Automotive relay boards etc.


Please call first due to calls.


419 S. Lake Dr. Clearwater, Fl. 33755

Clearwater, Florida Fl.

(727) 446-7955

FAX # (727)483-9687

We are conveniently located

  On the corner of Gulf to bay and Lake Dr. across from beautiful Crest Lake Park. Maintaining our good reputation of low prices Quality work for over 70 yrs. Servicing  Clearwater, Largo, Dunedin, Pinellas County  Area.

  No misleading free gimmicks. Your TV or what ever  needs work, We fix them and all your Electronic needs We have been around 70 years for a reason ! We have all the experience needed for the newer sets. and have a fantastic supply of parts for your older sets to. Do you need something soldered ? we will do it. We fix Microwaves ,Lamps, Air purifiers ,Power Supplies , Some  Auto , Circuit Boards. Just about anything is fixable within limits, We can also transfer your VCR tapes to DVD for lasting Digital Video.

  We specialize in rebuilding Circuit Boards, that is what a Technician does.

  So save your good one, New TVs are much more to repair then the old sets which incidentally have a good picture most of your favorites are not filmed in HD anyway for the time being.

  A TV & Electronics repair shop that cares about customer relations and their needs. Family owned and operated means lower prices! Don't forget we fix a lot more than just TV'. We even fix gadgets & Gizmos

  We have a excellent repair facility that is viewable so you can see Where your item is being repaired. You can walk through and see what's going on inside, instead of wondering if work is really being performed in an orderly fashion.

What to look for in a shop


  • Communication
  • Service
  • Technical knowledge
  • Inventory of parts
  • Superb references
  • Fair rates

And here's is just some of what we offer

  1. Unparalleled customer relation's
  2. Service for your convenience
  3. Expert electronics knowledge
  4. Extremely large stock of parts - Equipment
  5. We offer  Service on all types of Gadgets

Quality Repairs - Lightning Specialist

As a repair shop we really love the work, We believe that repairs should be made to component level whenever possible. What this means is : change a $25 part instead of a expensive board whenever possible. Our techs love a challenge it keeps them on top of the constantly changing field of Electronics. Which indeed changes rapidly. But for a true Tech "Electronics are Electronics". Simple as that! But the real problem is TV's just don't last like they used to. We will always tell you up front if the unit should be repaired. Or if you would be better off replacing. With a new one